Additional FAQs and Policies


1. Is the behavior of your materials predictable and controllable?
---Yes, mostly. Due to the handmade nature of the pieces, some variations are natural and unavoidable. The resin is mostly predictable, but please allow for slight and hardly noticeable variations. Resin typically lasts indefinitely, but over time, slight yellowing of the resin has been known to occur when exposed to prolonged hours of direct sunlight. I personally have never seen this happen.

---Ashes come in all shades and tones and can affect the hues of the piece in small ways. For items made with only ashes and no colors, the ashes will appear almost "wet," but still very lovely. The colors will depend on the colors of the ashes.

2. Can you explain the differences in your metal options?
Sterling silver plated bezels may tarnish over time and require polishing. Plated brass metals are very soft and may have slight variations due to the casting process. Zinc alloy is a harder metal blend and may also have slight variations. Both types are cast in a mold and then plated. Plated jewelry has come a long way. NONE of the metals I use will rub off on your skin or turn your skin green. These are higher-quality plating. However, tarnish is always a factor with any precious metals, even with high-end jewelry. Contact me if you need help with tarnish care. 

925 Sterling silver is more expensive but can always be polished. If you choose sterling silver, it will not be plated, and it will be pure. My metalsmiths tend to use recycled eco-friendly sterling silver.

Rose gold-filled or gold-filled means that rose gold is heavily coating another metal like brass. The outer layer is so thick that it will never rub off. The piece will always be rose gold/gold and withstand the test of time. This is a technique jewelers use to give you the pure look and quality of rose gold or gold with less cost.

See more info at Understanding Different Types of Metal Used in Jewelry – Ash Urn & Sea (

3. How do I send you ashes?
Most people use a small baggie or container. Regular post is fine but does get a tracking number. Mail a small amount, like a teaspoon size, to:
Heather Brennison
4626 Colony Rd Apt R
Charlotte NC 28226

4. How much ash do you need?
A half teaspoon to 1 teaspoon is plenty. Unused ashes are returned with the order.

5. Can I wear my jewelry every day?
Yes! Just be careful. I recommend taking rings off before working with your hands (doing dishes, gardening, etc.). The resin is very durable but can be scratched over time. If your piece ever scratches, it can be refinished for $10. Contact me for details. As with all fine jewelry, it is recommended to take it off before swimming, showering, etc.

6. Should I contact you before ordering?
You don't have to! Once I see your order I will be in touch within 12 hours to discuss the details of your order.

7. Can you engrave my piece?
No, at this time I cannot engrave. Your local jeweler may be able to.

8. Can I rush my order?
I can try. It depends on how quickly I can get your metal blank. Please contact me to discuss deadlines.
9. How do I care for my jewelry?

Care Instructions:

  • Jewelry prefers dry to humid in terms of storage. Keep this moisture-absorbing packet with your jewelry
  • Handmade jewelry, just like any jewelry, is subject to wear and tear. These pieces are meant to be worn often but do need to be treated with care to last
  • Metal can be polished with a jewelry polishing cloth to remove any tarnish
  • Try to avoid scratching the surface against hard objects. The resin is very hard but can scratch like a soft gem. Think Opal care. Especially regarding rings. These pieces can absolutely be worn every day! Just take your ring off if you plan to do dishes, garden, etc., and try not to wear pieces in the shower or swimming. It is not recommended to wear to sleep, as they can get banged around or bent, Washing hands is ok but the more you can protect your ring, the better. Just be realistic and your piece will last.
  • Everything is handmade, thus there may be slight flaws in the metal or resin. This is part of the artisan process and makes each piece unique. However…
  • Let me know if you are not 100% happy with your piece so I can make it right!
  • If resin is ever scratched it can be refinished for a $20 refinishing fee
Additional Policies:

I do not offer refunds unless the recipient is truly unhappy with their order. A remake is preferred over a refund. I am meticulous in avoiding this sort of outcome and have an outstanding track record. If pet ashes or other items never arrive at me due to the sender's fault or are lost in the mail, no refund is possible; however, you can send me more ash.
I recommend getting a tracking number with your post. I ask that pet ashes or other remembrance items be mailed within 7-10 days of ordering or close to keeping within shipping deadlines. I don't allow cancellations. Any questions, feel free to ask!
I ask that customers mail me the ashes as quickly as possible. I understand this can be difficult and motion, so I also have a lot of patience for delays. However, after 6 months, I cannot honor the order if the ashes have not yet been shipped to me. I am unable to offer a refund for this as well. At this point, I have put time and money into the order. I will send several emails to remind customers to send ashes before reaching this deadline. Thank you for your understanding.