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Communication With Your Loved One - 1 Hour Session

Communication With Your Loved One - 1 Hour Session

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Hi, I am Heather Brennison. I have always been able to communicate with those in Spirit form. It started when I saw my first ghost at the age of 16 chillin' on the bed we girls were in at a sleepover. The sighting was later validated by footsteps in the attic and neighbors witnessing a young boy peering out the attic window. After that, I was able to see and hear from beyond the veil. And after the loss of my parents and boyfriend, it is truly the only way I survived. Hearing from them made me feel that they were indeed happy, evolved, and had not abandoned me! Now, I am here to help you do it as well! Is your ultimate desire just to have one more conversation, one more hug, one more anything with your loved one? I know the pain and excruciating agony of this all too well. But there is a second best. And it is easier than you think. Everyone has the power to communicate. EVERYONE. All it takes is trust, practice, and a quiet mind with an open heart. The trick is learning to navigate your new relationship with them. Because they aren't "gone," they haven't forgotten us, and the love you share is what will allow that energy flow to happen with ease. 


One 1 hour session broken into two 30-minute calls. The first call is to learn techniques for communication, along with answering questions and working on trusting that you can do this! The second call will be 1-2 weeks later, also 30 minutes, where we visit what has come up during our practice time and then ask your loved one to join the session and hear what they have to say (I will help you with this). 

Schedule a 1-1 Zoom with me, and we will:

  • Explore how you best receive communication. Talk about ways you already have exchanges with your loved one and may not realize it. Or maybe you do realize it but you don't trust it. Once we have that understood, I can help you learn how to build on those skills.
  • Help with your burning question/questions, completely tailored to what you need 
  • Grief support is the backbone of everything I offer. I have been there many times, and I survived. I did more than survive. I carried my love and pain and built a new life. And you can, too!
  • I will ask to communicate with your loved one as well, and bring them in for a triage where they can also assist you in opening up to your innate ability to communicate with them. 

After the order is placed, please check your email and spam folder for an order confirmation receipt. You will also receive two more emails! One is a calendar link to schedule your appointment over Zoom! The other is a short 5 questions or less so that I can be fully prepared for our meeting and provide you with the value you deserve!


Also, please sign up for the no-commitment waitlist here if you are interested in becoming a founding member of a new grief/loss community where we will support each other, learn skills like maintaining connection with your loved one, and soooo much more! More to come, but the anticipated launch date is June 1st! 

Learn more about me here: About Heather and Ash Urn & Sea – Ash Urn & Sea (

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