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Gold Cremation Ring, Handmade Ashes Ring, Cremation Jewelry, Human Cremation Jewelry, Cremate Ring

Gold Cremation Ring, Handmade Ashes Ring, Cremation Jewelry, Human Cremation Jewelry, Cremate Ring

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Gold custom ash cremation rings. Cremation jewelry in the form of an ash keepsake, such as urn necklaces or a cremation ring, can help one feel connected to the loved one. The feeling of connection is what keeps us healing and moving forward.

Please read through the item description for details. If you are here searching for a cremation ring, let me begin with sincere condolences. You can read my story in the "About" section, but I will briefly convey that I am no stranger to grief. My father passed in 2008, my mother in 2019, and my boyfriend in 2020, with friends and fur babies along the way. The pain is, at times, unbearable, so I have chosen to make beauty out of ashes. 

This ring with ashes is made by layering the ashes with resin and colors of your choosing. The ashes are layered over with resin and a powder pigment creating this 3-D look. It can also feel like an urn necklace, an urn ring, an ashes locket, or an ashes keepsake because the ashes are contained.

Gold options are 14k gold filled and made custom per order. They are tarnish-free and designed to last. Please see FAQs for more information. For pure 14k gold, some options may be available starting at $350, and teardrop shapes are only available in 14k pure gold at this time. Please message me for details. 

To Order:

1. Please choose the listing that most closely resembles what you want, if there is one. You may also simply send me a message, and we can get started!

2. Choose from the various drop-down items.

3. You may make notes in the "note box" that is located in your cart, but please note engravings are not available from my shop. For rings, you will note your ring size here.

4. Please add a note to your order stating your preferences, including but not limited to:

Color choices for the design. Please indicate your selections from the following list and choose as many as you like. More than 4 colors can create a muddy look, but not always. If I have recommendations, I will let you know.

No color just ashes
Some ashes visible with color
Blues (Many shades)
Rose Gold
Iridescent brown (looks green in some light)

I would love to hear your story; tell me who this cremation jewelry is for. I find that when we are grieving, we cannot talk about it enough! I can hold a safe space for you to share, it truly helps the heart, and I cherish all the stories I am trusted with.

Mail a teaspoon of ashes to the address provided after you place your order. I will return unused ashes with the finished product. Please see How It Works, Shipping Policy, and Additional FAqs and Policies for more details and answers to common questions.

All cremation jewelry is made with love. Each piece is custom and individual. I have a fair amount of control, but the way the resin, pigments, and the tone of the ashes interact will always be slightly different and unique. These pieces are indeed one of a kind.

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