I want to break something down into simple terms tonight. I lost both my parents, some friends and mentors, relatives, my first cats, and most recently, my boyfriend. There is more than one soul mate of mine in that bunch. And I will tell you, after my boyfriend died, it hit me in the heart like a sledgehammer that I had more loved ones on the other side than here. It was very, very tempting to want to simply go to sleep and never wake up again. I wanted to be with them. But my sis is still here, and my current cats, and I knew they all depended on me to stay. So I made an intention to go forward. I was sick, deep in grief and despair, and blown into a million bits. The only thing that helped was when I felt connected to my boyfriend. I longed deeply for any connection or sense of validation that there is some kind of life after death. Even though I have always known there is. How? Call it a sixth sense or intuition. And the fact that I always have been able to communicate with the dead. My journey now and purpose for these entries is that I hope to encourage others to stay connected with their dead. It helps. It is the only thing that helps besides time and sharing love. I am going to teach you how.

Until next time, all my love -

In memory of my Dad, who died on this day in 2008. Love you and miss you always.
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