Do Souls in the After Life Experience Pleasure?

Do Souls in the After Life Experience Pleasure?

I had a quick chat with my former boyfriend tonight. Yes, the one who died in 2019. Something I have often mused over is that when souls leave Earth and return to source, what happens to their personality that we so loved and cherished?

Jay's explanation came quick and sharp this evening. Feeling nice and clear and receptive, I asked him as I sensed a dissipation of the personality of, Jay, as I knew and loved him. Though his energy is familiar. He "said" that personalities are made of energy, like everything and the personality dissolves back into the cosmos after death, albeit it is a slow process, not instant.

Jay has been in spirit for now for what, 3 1/2 years? I can hardly believe it. But still, I can feel some parts of "Jay." Some personality traits will stick. And that is because our souls may come and go through timelines and lives, but our essence does make up parts of our personality.

He continued to drizzle me with some quick information that explained souls can also feel pleasure. Another question I often have. Because if they exist now in pure joy and "oneness," is there even a need for pleasure? And yet, the thought of losing that after death makes me sad. Although that could just be my earthly attachments and fear of the unknown speaking.

But, he said, it's like this. Pleasure exists as though from 1,000 sources. That would be overwhelming to a human, but in spirit form, it comes through as pure love and joy, like a million butterfly kisses in the sun. Pure bliss. But even as a spirit, there are ups and downs. But the downs aren't quite as difficult as they are for us here. How can a spirit feel "down"? And what is that like? And that, my dears, is another question for another evening.

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